What type of product can I sell online?

sell onlineWhen starting a business online many people want to know exactly what type of product they can sell and how they can get started selling it.

Well the good news is that these days you can literally sell any type of product that you want online, and the even better news is that a lot of the time you can sell product and you don’t even have to own the product yourself.

Now I know that if you are new to internet marketing then this might sound a little bit confusing so let me explain exactly what I’m talking about in a little more detail.

There is actually a business model that many online marketers choose to use and the business model is called affiliate marketing.

Now if you’ve never heard of affiliate marketing before what it essentially means is that you can set up a website and then sell others peoples product through your website and make a healthy commission every time you make a sale of that product.

For example I bet you didn’t know that Amazon actually has an affiliate program and that you can actually make a commission every time you make a sale of one of their products.

The only problem with the Amazon affiliate program is that their commissions are very low and so it is not that easy to make a substantial income.

For example let’s say you make an affiliate commission on a DVD sale, you might only make about $1 in affiliate commissions.

Well what if there were affiliate products out there that would pay you up to 40% commissions and the products that you were promoting were worth up to $20,000?

Well if we do the math a 40% commission on a $20,000 product is $8000.

Can you imagine getting a $8000 commission just by making one sale?

Well with The Six Figure Mentors you can and in fact that is the exact reason why I signed up to be an affiliate to their coaching and mentoring program, but it actually gets even better than that.

When you sign up as a certified affiliate to The SFM they actually have an entire product funnel that is built in such a way that you will have increased conversions and increased commissions.

So for example they don’t only have the one product worth $20,000, instead they have an entire product line of 7 different products that you can make a commission on and the commissions are $20, $200, $1000, $2000, $4000, $6000 and finally $8000.

So when you think about it like that, if a customer purchases every product on the product line you could potentially make $21220.00 from just one customer.

So when you think about it like that, it’s quite a big difference if you make one sale with The SFM vs. you making one sale with Amazon.

If you’re curious to know more about The SFM then check out my the (six figure mentors) now.

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