Free Business Cards: Are They Worth It?

Free Business Cards

Are free business cards actually worth the effort of going through the process of getting them sent to you? On the face of it you do appear to have nothing to lose since it will only cost you postage costs in most cases, but are they any good and will they give the correct impression for your business?

Clearly these are important questions to answer because people do look at these cards and instantly jump to various conclusions about your business because if they look rough and poorly made, then they are going to believe that you simply do not care and they will take their business elsewhere. What is immediately clear is that you need to look closely at the quality of what you are getting rather than being blinded by that one word “free”.

It has to be said that some businesses that offer these cards do indeed do a great job even though the card that they are printed on may not be the best quality out there and of course you will be limited with the number of them that you can get for nothing. The printing will be crisp and the design will often be left to you, or they may charge for a design, or another option is to choose from a series of preset designs with the companies and simply add in your own contact details. The outcome should, however, always be a card that you can feel proud to present to others and believe that they will see you as being professional.

The preset designs that you will get to choose from will be nothing startling, but they will at least be clean and look professional and this is really all that you will be wanting. It does make sense to try to do your own design as it means you can add in your own logo and branding, but at least with these free business cards there is another option should you be unable to afford somebody to design your own specific card.

It should be mentioned that there will often be different charges added in such as delivery or if you want any extra cards over and above the small amount that you will get for free and you are certainly advised to look around as these costs will vary between companies. Some businesses will charge you over the top for delivery in order to cover the cost of producing the actual cards, so do pay attention or you may be caught out and will not be getting as good a bargain as you initially thought.

So are free business cards worth it? The answer has to be yes they are especially if you are a business owner who is a bit strapped for cash, but still need those cards in order to network and increase your turnover. Yes you will need to pay for delivery for most of them, but this should not be too expensive and it is a small price to pay considering you are getting the cards themselves for free.